A message from Sarah

It has been an honour to serve as your Member of Parliament since 2012. I believe in a fair and equal society where everyone can reach their potential, that is why I am a member of the Labour Party.

I am clear that the people of Rotherham employ me and it is my duty to serve you. I always have, and always will, put Rotherham first.

Rotherham has faced many challenges, especially in the last few years. Shortly after I was elected, the horror of child abuse in our town was uncovered. Rather than turning away, as others had, I tackled this issue head-on. Locally, I secured support for the victims and survivors and ensured statutory bodies were held to account. I campaigned for the Government to recognise the scale of the crime and launched a national awareness campaign. I changed the law on child protection and now I have made sure every child gets relationship education.

Economically, it feels like the Tories have once again forgotten Rotherham with cuts to our local services, shutting our courts building, underfunding our GPs, social care, pharmacies, hospital and lack of investment in our industries. I have fought these challenges every step of the way. I will not allow us to be left behind. We deserve much more than that!

Please vote for me on Thursday, 12th December so that I can continue to be a strong voice for Rotherham and fight for the things that matter to you.

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An economy for the many, not the few

On average, working families are set to be 1,400 pounds a year worse off. Real pay is still lower than it was in 2007. Britain's workers need a break. A Labour Government would introduce a real Living Wage of 10 pounds per hour, ban exploitative zero hour contracts and create four new public holidays.

Education that is fair for all

Access to good education is a right. Labour will prioritise excellent Sure Starts, high quality apprenticeships, attainable higher education and reintroduce EMA. We will promote universal, affordable childcare and focus on driving up standards at all schools, not just a privileged few.

The Tories are running our NHS into the ground

Targets for cancer treatment, ambulance response, GP appointments, A&E waiting times are being missed. Rather than confronting the crisis, the Tories are abandoning the targets and privatising through the back door. Labour will always give our NHS the funds and staff it needs.


  • Putting the people of Rotherham first

    I have a proven track record of campaigning on the issues that matter to you, from helping thousands of constituents yearly with personal issues, like challenging unfair disability benefit decisions to fightng for our steel jobs.

  • Protect our NHS

    A Labour government will always ensure our NHS has the funding it needs. Rather than blaming NHS staff and GPs, we will work with them to restore the service to where it should be.

  • Delivering Brexit

    Rotherham voted to leave the European Union by an overwhelming margin. I have been doing everything I can to make that happen. That is why I voted to trigger Article 50 and why I voted for the Withdrawal Agreement. I will work to uphold your democratic decision by securing an exit that protects jobs, workers rights and our environment.

  • Fight for older people's rights

    A Labour government will guarantee the triple-lock on pensions, protect pensioner benefits like the winter fuel allowance and end Tory unfairness on the women's pension age.

  • Stand up for social care

    A Labour government will properly fund social care and increase carers allowance. From running Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice, I know how vital this is.

What now!

The choice is clear.

A Labour government that will stand up for you, your family and your town.

A Labour government that will put the interest of the country first.

On December 12th

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